Rent hikes a 'legal stickup'

Toronto Sun - August 5, 1999
by James Wallace

More than 600 tenants in two Parkdale apartment buildings have been hit with rent hikes as high as 35%, Liberal housing critic Gerard Kennedy said yesterday.

Many of the tenants are seniors on fixed incomes who have been whacked with monthly increases of $190 and more, Kennedy said.

"This is like a legal stickup," he said.

Ontario's new tenant protection act makes it illegal for landlords to raise rents on existing tenants above an annual percentage set by the government.

However, every apartment in Ontario has a legal "maximum rent" registered with the province, although not all tenants pay it.

Kennedy said the new Tory law makes it legal for landlords to hike rents to the maximum, even if the tenant can't afford the increase.

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