Wynn Family Property's application for parking zoning changes to the City of Toronto, for 103 and 105 West Lodge Avenue apartments, Parkdale, Toronto

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January 6, 1998

To: Toronto Community Council

From: Commissioner of Urban Development Services

Subject: Preliminary Report on Application No: 197024 to amend Site Specific By-law 22037 to permit a reduction in the number of parking spaces required for 103-105 West Lodge Avenue (High Park)


This report recommends that an application to reduce the parking requirement for the large apartment complex at 103-105 West Lodge (near the intersection of Queen and Dufferin Streets) be given further consideration, including the holding of a public meeting in the area.

Funding Sources, Financial Implications and Impact Statement:

Not applicable.


It is recommended that:

  1. I be requested to hold a public meeting in the area to discuss the application and to notify tenants and owners within 120 metres of the site and the Parkdale Village BIA and the Roncesvalles/Macdonell Residents Association and the Ward Councillors.

  2. The owner submit to the Commissioner of Urban Development Services a parking study satisfactory to the Commissioner of City Works Services.

  3. The owner be advised that, prior to final Council approval of this project, the owner may be required to submit a Noise Impact Statement. The owner will be further advised of these requirements, as they relate to this project by the Commissioner of City Works Services.


The 717- unit high-rise apartment complex at 103-105 West Lodge Avenue was constructed in 1964 in accordance with Site Specific By-law 22037. This by-law required a minimum of 58 per cent landscaped open space, and the prevailing parking standard required 698 spaces for this project. The parking was constructed in a multi-level parking structure attached to the apartment building next to the adjacent rail corridor.

Serious structural and building maintenance problems developed, and the City ultimately requested the courts to appoint a receiver to resolve these problems. One of the areas of concern was the parking structure, which had become unsafe. Many of these problems are now resolved and the owner (who regained control over the building) is now proposing to demolish the garage and to provide parking at grade. This would reduce the landscaped open space to less than that required by the by-law. In addition, the owner wants to reduce the number of parking spaces to 398 which, he believes, more accurately reflects the current parking demand.


The Site Specific By-law would have to be amended to permit the proposed changes. Site plan approval is also required and will occur concurrently with the rezoning. No Official Plan Amendment is required. The rezoning application should be reviewed in accordance with the usual circulation process, including holding a public meeting in the area.

There are two related issues to be resolved prior to submission of the Final Report:

  1. the number and location of the parking spaces; and

  2. the amount and location of open space.

The Commissioner of City Works Services has requested a parking study to justify the reduction in the number of parking spaces. The proposal to replace the parking structure with at-grade parking has urban design implications for the site as a whole. Several options are being considered and will be reviewed in the context of the application by City staff.

Contact Name: Helen Coombs
Telephone: (416) 392-7613
Fax: (416) 392-1330
E-Mail: hcoombs@toronto.ca

John Morand

Site Plan Approval:Y Application Number:197024
Rezoning:Y Application Date:September 16, 1997
O. P. A.:N Date of Revision:

Confirmed Municipal Address: 103 and 105 West Lodge Ave.

Nearest Intersection:East of Landowne Ave., south of Dundas St. W.

Project Description:Replace existing parking structure with at-grade parking.


EMC Group Ltd., 200 - 7577 Keele St., Concord.738-3939


EMC Group Ltd., 200 - 7577 Keele St., Concord. 738-3939


PLANNING CONTROLS (For verification refer to Chief Building Official)

Official Plan Designation: LDRA Site Specific Provision:51-79; 22037
Zoning District: R2 Z2.0, Historical Status: No, Height Limit (m): 10.0, Site Plan Control: Yes


Site Area: 26488.0 m2
Ground Floor: Parking Spaces: 397
Residential GFA: Loading Docks:
Non-Residential GFA: (number, type)
Total GFA:


Residential Density:
Non-Residential Density:
Total Density:


Status: Preliminary report to Community Council January 21, 1998.

Data valid:January 06, 1998Section:CP WestPhone:392-7333

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