Wynn Family Property's application for zoning changes to the City of Toronto,
for 103 and 105 West Lodge Avenue, Parkdale, Toronto

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April 13, 1999

To: Toronto Community Council

From: H.W.O. Doyle

Subject: Draft By-law - Zoning By-law Amendment for 103 West Lodge Avenue (Ward 19 - High Park)


This report provides the necessary Zoning By-law amendment to allow for a reduction in required parking for the apartment complex located at 103 West Lodge Avenue to a minimum of 401 spaces, 31 of which may be located offsite at 105 Lansdowne Avenue.

Funding Sources, Financial Implications and Impact Statement:

The enactment of the Draft By-law has no direct financial implications for the City. It requires no funding.


It is recommended that:

    (1) the Toronto Community Council hold a public meeting in respect of the Draft By-law in accordance with the provisions of the Planning Act.

    Following the public meeting and in the event the Toronto Community Council wishes to approve the Draft By-law, it could recommend:

    (2) subject to receipt of a signed Undertaking as set out in Recommendation 3 of the report (May 7, 1999) of the Commissioner of Urban Planning and Development Services, that the Draft By-law attached to the report (April 13, 1999) of the City Solicitor be approved and that authority be granted to introduce the necessary bill in Council to give effect thereto.

Council Reference/Background/History:

Toronto Community Council will have before it the Final Report of the Commissioner of Urban Planning and Development Services (May 7, 1999) at its meeting to be held on May 26, 1999 concerning the above noted subject. The Commissioner's report recommends, inter alia, that a Draft By-law be prepared by the City Solicitor to allow for a reduction in required parking for the apartment complex. The owner of the site is required to enter into an Undertaking together with appropriate security dealing with those matters set out in Recommendation 3 of the report (May 7, 1999) of the Commissioner of Urban Planning and Development Services prior to the by-law being passed by Council.

Comments and/or Discussion and/or Justification:

This report contains the necessary Draft By-law, which, if enacted, will give effect to the planning report.

    Contact Name:Robert Balfour, Solicitor
    Telephone:(416) 392-7225
    Fax: (416) 392-0024

H.W.O. Doyle,
City Solicitor


Authority: Toronto Community Council Report No. , Clause No. , as adopted by Council on

Enacted by Council:


To amend Zoning By-law Nos. 22037 and 438-86 for the former City of Toronto with respect to lands known as 103 West Lodge Avenue.

The Council of the City of Toronto HEREBY ENACTS as follows:

    1. None of the provisions of Sections 1(4) and 1(5) of By-law No. 22037, being "A By-law To amend By-law No. 20623 respecting certain lands abutting West Lodge and O'Hara Avenues, Cunningham Street and the Right-of-Way of the Canadian Pacific Railway" or of Sections 2(1) - definition of "parking station" as it pertains to accessory use, 4(4)(b), 6(2), 21(i) as it pertains to landscaping, (iv), (v) and (vi), and 6(3) Part III 1(b) of By-law No. 438-86, being "A By-law To regulate the use of land and the erection, use, bulk, height, spacing of and other matters relating to buildings and structures and to prohibit certain uses of lands and the erection and use of certain buildings and structures in various areas of the City of Toronto", as amended, shall apply to prevent the use of the building existing in the year 1998 located at 103 West Lodge Avenue provided:

      (1)the lot municipally known in the year 1998 as 103 West Lodge Avenue consists of at least those lands shown within the heavy lines on Plan 1 attached hereto;

      (2)landscaped open space is provided and maintained to the extent of at least 58 per cent of the lot area;

      (3)a minimum of 401 parking spaces are provided and maintained for the exclusive use of residents of and visitors to the residential building of which:

        (i)not less than 365 parking spaces are located within the existing parking garage on the lot;

        (ii)36 parking spaces are designated for visitors to the residential building, of which 31 parking spaces may be provided in a parking station located on the lands municipally known in the year 1998 as 105 Lansdowne Avenue;

        (iii)3 parking spaces designated for the handicapped are located within 30 metres of an accessible entrance and 1 parking space designated for the handicapped is located within 45 metres of an accessible entrance; and

      (4)2 loading spaces - type G are provided and maintained to serve the residential building on the lot each with generally level surfaces and a concrete base pad with capacity to store not less than 12 compactor containers and with access designed to permit vehicles to enter and exit the lot in a forward motion.

    2. For the purpose of this by-law, each italicized word or expression, unless otherwise provided herein, shall have the same meaning as each such word or expression as defined in By-law 438-86, as amended.

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